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JV51 - Cleaning & Maintenance

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After Use

Switch off the vacuum cleaner and remove the nozzle after use. Allow it to cool down for cleaning and washing.


Remove the battery first. Can be wiped with a damp cloth, then dried. Do not use scourers or solvents.

Empty dust container

Shake out filters

Cleaning roller brush

Safety instructions

※Please read all safety instructions and observe, properly store and pass on to subsequent owners this operation manual.

Mains connection: The voltage must comply with that shown on the appliance label.
Regulary check if the power cable/appliance/extension lead is defective. Never switch on damaged appliances (incl. mains lead) — have repairs carried out/obtain replacement from the manufacturer, the manufacturer's service point or from qualified experts.
Don't pull the flex over sharp edges. Don't wedge it. Don't bend it. A short circuit can occur if the cable breaks Never pull on the mains cable/with damp hands.
Always switch off the device and plug out the power cable whenever you leave it unattended, before assembling/disassembling, cleaning, when it fails to work properly, after use.
Switch the appliance off and pull the plug out of the mains when it is not in use.
Never immerse appliance in water/other fluids. Danger of short-circuiting!
Children aged 8 years or over and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capa-bilities, lack of experience or knowledge may only use the appliance if they are supervised by a person who is responsible for their safety or if they have been shown how to use the appliance safely and they have understood the risks inherent in its use. Cleaning and maintenance tasks may not be carried out by children without supervision.
Children should not be allowed to play with the appliance. Keep the appliance and its power cable out of reach of children aged under 8. Never leave the appliance unattended while in operation.
Keep packaging (e.g. plastic bags) away from children.
Never place the appliance/cable on hot surfaces or near open flames. Do not store/expose the appliance to intense heat (from radiators, prolonged sunshine). Only extinguish burning appliances using a fire blanket.
Do not use attachments not recommended/sold by the manufacturer
The appliance is designed for household use and not for industrial operation. Do not operate the appliance outdoors.
Do not use this appliance near the water (bath-tubs, washbasins, etc.) nor expose it to rain or other humidity. Ensure hands are dry when using appliance!
If the device falls into water, have it checked out by an electrician before using it again.
Never open the appliance yourself — risk of injury! Only trained experts should repair electrical appliances. Unskilled repairs can cause considerable danger to the user.
No warranty for any damage can be accepted if the appliance is used for improper purpose, wrongly operated or unprofessionally repaired. In such a case, any warranty claim is void.
Never place fingers or objects into appliance openings. Do not cover appliance opening. Remove any items (hair, fluff etc.) that might block the brushes and wheels.
Never vacuum damp/wet floors/carpets; solvents; corrosive substances; burning, hot, sharp-edged, explosive or flammable substances.
Only open the appliance at the positions intended for this purpose (changing the filter etc.).
Never use the vacuum cleaner unless there is a filter in place. The appliance must not be directed onto people or animals.
Nozzles and tubes must not be allowed near to anybody's head. Danger to eyes and ears.
To avoid risk of injury, keep your hair, hands and feet away from the rotating brush.
Operate appliance only in an ambient temperature of 5°-45°C.
If the appliance is not used for long periods, remove the rechargeable battery.
If rechargeable battery is used incorrectly, liquid can leak out — avoid physical contact with this liquid. If liquid comes in contact with the eyes, a doctor must be consulted.
Do not store unused rechargeable battery in the vicinity of coins, keys, nails, screws or other metal objects.
Make worn out appliances unusable. Pull out the mains plug and sever the cord. Electric appliances are to be returned to a shop of sale or handed over to an official dump. No household waste. Must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

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