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Vacuum wash
and mop in one step

Furniture bottom

Special hardfloor

Visible washing

Excellent edge
cleaning performance

Silver ion
antibacterial water for
long-term sterilization

Separate solid-liquid
garbage collection


Visible washing system


LED screen shows everything you need


Easy to clean under furniture


Solid-liquid separate garbage collection


Self-cleaning function


Hardfloor brushroll for hardfloor vacuuming and working


Generate silver ion antibacterial water for long-term sterilization

New generation strong power waterproof motor

JIMMY HW9 upgrades the magnesium alloy waterproof motor, which is fully sealed and waterproof. Motor efficiency improves from 35% to 50%*, making it easy to handle dry and wet garbage.Motor weight reducing by 35%*, JIMMY HW9 is light to carry around.

JIMMY HW9 waterproof motor

Vacuum, wash and scrub in one step

Composite hardfloor brushroll , combined with two cleaning modes, powerfully and efficiently clean floors of dirt, hair, grease, food residue and other wet and dry debris commonly found in the home

JIMMY HW9 clean wet dry garbage

Easy to clean under furniture

JIMMY HW9 can rotate almost180 degrees to lie completely flat to clean into tight spaces with no effort.Easily clean hard to reach floor surface under the sofa, bed, chair etc.

JIMMY HW9 clean under furniture

JIMMY HW9 clean edge

Easy to clean edge and corner

JIMMY HW9 exclusive brush head design provides optimized, streak-free cleaning along the wall and hard-to-reach corners.

JIMMY HW9 water spray

Visible washing system

With self control visible water spray, you can decide to spray water at any time to any where.

Making floor washing more efficiently with less amount of water. Floor dries quickly after washing

JIMMY HW9 LED screen

Smart LED display screen

See the real-time information like remaining run time, power mode, error reminder and etc with LED screen.

JIMMY HW9 sterilisation

99.9% *long-term sterilization

JIMMY HW Pro clean water tank has a built-in antibacterial silver ion material, which can generate silver ion antibacterial water without electricity,effectively sterilizing bacteria and making cleaning more secure.

*Testing agency: Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Report number: XJ20193353.

JIMMY HW9 self-cleaning

Touch-free self-cleaning

With only a single press of button, the machine washes brushroll and air path with clean water, keeps your hands clean and your home odor-free*.

*After self-cleaning, please clean the dirty water tank in time.

JIMMY HW9 water tank

Big capacity dual water tank

Big capacity clean and dirty water tanks allow you to clean larger areas without interruption.

In addition, the dirty water tank adopts a solid-liquid separation design, which is more convenient for cleaning and prevents clogging.

JIMMY HW9 details

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Product packing and accessories

JIMMY HW9 accessories


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