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JIMMY got the “Technology Innovation Achievement” award from China Household Appliances, demonstrating the style of a major brand once more

December 05,2022

With the innovative leadership of the DW-W6375 waterproof high-efficiency motor, JIMMY Electric was awarded the “Technical Innovation Achievement” award by the China National Electric Research Institute, whose innovative strength in core technology has been recognized by all parties, providing new ideas for the research and development of motors for cleaning products and helping to promote the cleaning appliance industry to better achieve High quality development.

Through 28 years of dedicated innovation, JIMMY has accumulated strength in key technologies such as high-speed motors, continuously improved product quality, and promoted the continuous enrichment of its product system, evolving from a company initially specializing in hoovers to a professional cleaning brand spanning multiple categories such as floor scrubbers and launching innovative single products such as Sirius whole house vacuum and floor scrubber. This development paradigm of focusing on technology innovation to generate brand breakthroughs has provided some experience for other organizations.

Step by step technological advancement, brand strength continuously increased

JIMMY Electric was founded with the idea of “empowering development with innovation,” striving to first penetrate the hoover category, fully grasp the key technologies involved in hoovers, open up the core joints, specialize and refine the products, initially form its own core competitiveness, and stand firmly in the cleaning appliance market before seeking others.

With this in mind, Lexmark spent heavily in technological innovation, focusing on the most crucial motor technology for vacuums. The fact that it is renowned as the “invisible champion” of the worldwide hoover industry and possesses more than 1,700 legitimate patents, including more than 200 invention patents, has substantially increased the brand’s strength.

 JIMMY Electric’s products are becoming more stable and useful as essential technologies advance, and the user experience is improving.

Furthermore, in the process of technological innovation, Lake launched a more complete vacuum cleaner and scrubber based on its prediction of changes in market demand, completing the market jam and walking in the forefront of innovation in the scrubber industry after the hoover, further enhancing its brand influence in the cleaning appliance industry.

New technology and products will lead the whole-house deep cleaning trend.

With the improvement of living standards and changes in home décor patterns, dual-use, multi-functional, whole-house deep cleaning in wet and dry conditions has emerged as the primary innovation direction for cleaning appliances. To that end, Lake has improved the motor’s waterproof performance, while the use of high performance, high magnetic energy product rare earth NdFeB magnets and a new core design have improved the fan’s efficiency and brought about greater suction power, all without significantly increasing the motor’s size and weight. This “compact size, high power” engine is better suited for usage in household vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers.

Lexmark has developed a new generation of Sirius 3-in-1 whole house vacuum cleaner and scrubber with new motor technology, which can meet the needs of floor washing and scrubbing, whole house vacuuming, and sofa and bed linen mite removal through its powerful cleaning capacity, as well as dust in the home’s corners and crevices. A product that is well-known in the market.

 JIMMY has always insisted on promoting innovation one step at a time, which has not only resulted in a double increase in brand strength and user reputation, but has also broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the field of key motor technology, broadened the development space of Chinese cleaning appliance enterprises, improved international competitiveness, and paved the way for further implementation of high-quality development, and won the “Technical Innovation Achievement ” award.