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JIMMY continues to innovate with the release of a new vacuum cleaner, setting the trend for whole-house deep cleaning

December 05,2022

Recently, major cleaning and electrical brands have been publishing third-quarter results one after the other, with some positive and some negative outcomes. In comparison to numerous internet companies whose revenues are under pressure, JIMMY Electric’s revenue performance remained solid in the third quarter, posting 33.1% year on year increase, which has raised anxiety among appliance observers.

Analysts noted that, despite the overall unpredictable market performance, JIMMY Electric may have such a strong revenue performance, and its professional cleaning brand heritage and continuing investment in R&D are inextricably linked. JIMMY can constantly push product updates by boosting its research and development, doubling 11 before JIMMY and Diligible hand in hand to introduce the new Sirius Star vacuum scrubber, once again leading the trend of thorough cleaning of the entire house.

JIMMY values R&D innovation and can adapt to market developments.

JIMMY Electric, a professional cleaning electrical brand, has always taken technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, and today has over 1,700 valid patents, including more than 200 invention patents, and is the industry leader in the ultra-high-speed motor area. With a solid foundation of innovation and technological reserves, JIMMY is always the first to spot market possibilities and gain market leadership through quick product development.

The Sirius series vacuum and scrubber is a new generation of “whole house deep cleaning” product created after the firm received insight into the changing style of domestic home decorating and numerous cleaning pain spots. The product’s main selling point is “deep cleaning of floors, carpets, and sofas, one Sirius is enough,” which means that no matter what decoration style or cleaning scenario can be rapidly handled by one machine, customers do not have to switch equipment constantly, keeping the home cleaner and less headache. The Lexmark Sirius vacuum and scrubber has surely stepped on the market rhythm once again, with a single product to accomplish the deep cleaning of the entire house.

Sensitivity to changes in market demand and the speed with which product innovation attacks have allowed JIMMY Electric to maintain consistent market performance, whether it is hoovers at the start of the brand or the latest cleaning product, the floor scrubber, which has risen to the top of the market. Despite the fact that online capital has shifted the landscape of the cleaning appliance business in recent years, JIMMY Electric has remained a steady industry player in the midst of the storm.

In terms of product performance, Lexmark Sirius is the market leader in whole-house deep cleaning.

JIMMY Electric’s history of professional cleaning brand heritage and market resistance is one part, but more significantly, its product performance to keep up with the user’s quality of life needs, to deliver users a more convenient and fast entire house deep cleaning experience.

The latest Sirius series of vacuum scrubber launched by JIMMY, developed a water control scrubbing technology, to achieve a small amount of uniform water spray scrubbing, auxiliary roller brush light wipe mode, not only can wipe clean the living room marble or wood floor dust and waste, but also to protect the floor material from permanent dirt and water. In terms of deep carpet cleaning, which is a pain for many households, the Sirius carpet tapping roller brush may be used to tap out deep dust, hair, and debris particles before vacuuming them up, so alleviating the uncomfortable problem of deep carpet cleaning. Furthermore, at the touch of a button, it can switch to handheld vacuuming mode for deep cleaning of sofa corners, dust, and mites, and it is also suitable for cleaning coffee tables, curtains, and the borders of paintings and artworks. Deep cleaning the entire house with a single machine is a new JIMMY product performance and embodiment of JIMMY electrical innovation capabilities. We are able to maintain a leadership position in the severe market rivalry and stable revenue because of our strong inventive research and development capabilities and the constant performance of numerous products.