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Vacuum wash and
mop in one step

multifunctional design

Dual roller brush
brings double cleaning
power and efficiency

Auto + manual
water spray system

180° lay flat
design satisfied
furniture bottom cleaning

edge-to-edge cleaning

LED screen with
smart dust sensor

Silver ion
antibacterial water
for long-term sterilization

Roller brush/
air path hot air drying


IPX8 waterproof motor

Drive 125AW strong suction power.


Removable battery pack

Providing 80 mins working time.


LED screen with smart dust sensor

Show everything you need at a glance.


Double roller brush

Double cleaning power and efficiency


180°lay flat design

Easily clean the bottom of the furniture.


Automatic + manual water spray system

Easy to tackle tough and sticky messes.


Self-cleaning + hot air drying

Keep the brush free from mold and odors.

One-click connection endless possibilities

A single press of button, to switch between upright vacuum washer and handled vacuum cleaner. With multiple accessories to easy clean carpets, floor, bed, sofa and more.


IPX8 Waterproof Brushless Motor

The patented* brushless motor is made with light weight aluminum magnesium alloy, creates 500W strong power, and also achieves IPX8 waterproof level. Enables excellent and reliable cleaning performance on the floor, carpet, bed and other areas.


Drive 125AW large suction power

Powerful suction for deep cleaning of common wet and dry stains in the home, such as footprints, coffee, milk, yogurt, pet hair etc. It also cares for spilled pasta, tomato sauce, and other tough stains.


Double roller brushes brings double mopping and washing efficiency

The double roller brushes rotate in both directions, bringing double mopping power and more flexibility.

Stubborn stains can be easily removed, leaving the place cleaner where it goes. Making the cleaner light to move forward and backward with additional flexibility.


Easy to clean under furniture

JIMMY HW11 Pro Max is equipped with an anti-back flow device and can be laid almost flat at 180 degrees, making it easily to clean small spaces like underside of sofas, beds, chairs and more.


Auto + manual water spray fuction

Auto + Manual Water Spray Function

Auto water spray: Clean water is automatically and evenly dispersed on the roller brush to wash and mop the floor with fresh water.

Manual water spray: For stubborn ground-in dirt, press the manual water spray button to spray more water, so that ever stubborn dirt can be effectively washed away.


Enhanced edge and corner cleaning

No more gaps and no more places missed when cleaning around the house with to-the-edge brush roller design.


Smart dust sensor and auto power adjustment

With smart dust sensor, HW11 Pro Max can auto adjust suction according to the mess detected, optimizing power usage, cleaning performance and noise levels.


Health protection with 99.9%* sterilization

Clean water tank has a built-in antibacterial silver ion material, which generates antibacterial silver ion in clean water and provide long term health care.


LED screen with friendly interaction

Through the clear LED display, the reminding working time, floor cleanness, working mode operation reminding are clear at a glance. At the same time, it equipped with voice assistance in 5 different languages, allowing you to understand how to optimize cleaning.


Long cleaning time with removable battery pack

4600mAh big capacity Samsung battery, provides up to 40 minutes* of cleaning time on floor and up to 80 minutes* cleaning time with handled vacuum.

The replaceable battery pack allows you to double working time and double service life of the cleaner.


Completely hands-free self-cleaning system

Just put your vacuum on the base and press the button to have dual rotation cleaning spins the brush forward and backward at high speed to better wash it and remove troublesome dirt and hair.


Roller brush / air path hot air drying

The brush roller, air path and dirty water tank are thoroughly dried with hot air after self-cleaning to prevent mildew and odor.


Easy to store, easy to maintain

Charging base combines function of charging, washing, drying and accessories storage. Enjoy pleasant cleaning experience any time, any where.

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