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T6 - Cleaning and Maintenance

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Clean brush head
Clean the brush head after each use and let it we dry. Do not pull the brush, which may cause deformation and falling off.

Clean toothbrush body
Remove the brush head regularly and rinse the metal shag the main body, wipe it with soft cloth, and place it In a suitable position.
Do not immerse It in water for a long time. Do not use water higher than 40℃ or acidic cleaning fluid to clean.
The dentist recommends changing the brush head every three months
If the brush head has been used continuously for three months, or if there is hair loss, bifurcation, etc., replace it with a new brush head to avoid damaging gums and teeth.

Brushing Strength
The correct method of brushing teeth is extremely important. The correct brushing strength is recommended to be around 100G.



Product Charging
Before using it for the first time, please charge the product first. When charging, use fingernail to remove the sealing cover at the bottom of the body.
After opening the bottom sealing cover, there is a charging port at the bottom of the body. Connect the USB charging cable to charge.
When the power indicator on the handle flashes in red. it means that the battery is in low power. Please charge the toothbrush asap to avoid over-discharge of the battery and cause malfunction.
The battery indicator on the handle flashes green to indicate that it is charging. When the indicator is steady green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Note: When charging. please use a 5V output adapter or a USB port of the computer to charge. It is forbidden to charge with an adapter higher than 5V output.

To reduce the risk of malfunction, electric shock, injury, fire, death, and damage to equipment or property, please be sure to follow below safety precautions:
1.This product has internal battery. Do not throw it into fire or expose it to the sun, otherwise it may cause liquid leakage, overheating or explosion of the battery.
2.Do not modify or repair this product by yourself. Do not disassemble or replace the internal battery of the product by yourself.
3.Do not use this product while charging. Do not use this product when the charging port cover is not properly covered. Please avoid this product from falling or being impacted.
4.This product is only used to clean teeth and face, please do not use it in other ways.
5.Because IPX7 waterproof performance doesn't include protection against hot water and steam. Do not use this product in the bath or shower.
6.Those who suffer from severe periodontal disease, whose teeth am being treated or who are worried about symptoms of discomfort in the mouth, please consult dentist before use.
7.Slight bleeding may occur at the beginning of using this product. This is because the gums are not used to this irritation. The bleeding will generally stop within one to two weeks. If the bleeding lasts for more than two weeks, it may indicate that your guns are abnormal. Please stop using this product and consult dentist.
8.Do not use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol or other chemicals to clean this product.
9. When using this product in the first few days, the mouth may feel itchy. This is because the surface of the mouth and tongue are not used to the high-frequency vibration of the brush head. This feeling usually disappears after several days of continuous use.
10. If find this product is damaged, stop using it immediately.
11. If you find that the internal battery is leaking, please stop using It immediately and contact our customer service staff.

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