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AP36 - Cleaning and Maintenance

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Filter cleaning and replacement

Note: Do not wash the multifunctional composite filter in water!
1.Proper care and cleaning of filter is critical to air purifier performance.
2.Follow the method in "Filter Removal and Installation".
3.Proper cleaning of multifunctional composite filter to increase filter life: Once every two weeks; Do not wash with water; Clean with a vacuum cleaner brush or crevice tool on a newspaper or protective article; Do not press the multifunctional composite filter hard when cleaning to avoid deformation;
4.Replace multifunctional composite filter: When the indicator lights up, the user should replace the filter within two weeks. According to the pollution degree and the use environment, the filter life is also different.
Machine cleaning and maintenance

1.Unplug before cleaning.
2.Increase cleaning frequency when use in dirty places.
3.Please wipe stains with soft cloth.
4.Please wipe indelible stains with a soft cloth with diluted neutral household cleaner and make sure the machine is completely dry before reuse.

Infrared dust sensor cleaning

1.Clean infrared dust sensor regularly: suggest clean once every three months.

2.Open Infrared dust sensor cover;(Figure 1)        

3.Clean infrared dust sensor: please use wet Q-tip to clean the lens, air inlet and air outlet,then use dry Q-tips to remove the remaining water stains on the sensor;(Figure 2)        

4.Install the infrared dust sensor cover in place.        

Machine storage

Please unplug the power, clean and dry the machine, cover with a plastic bag and store in a dry place if the machine is to be idled.
Note:Do not drag the power cord by hand. Please unplug the power cord hold by hand in case of cord damage.


1.Please read this instruction manual carefully before use and keep it properly for future use.
2.Do not self-disassemble, repair or modify the machine .Otherwise it may cause product damage or fire.
3.Keep this product beyond the reach of special individual such as children without adult supervision.
4.Do not place the machine in the following locations:
a.Damp rooms (such as bathrooms) or other obviously damp places in case of electric shock or damage the machine.
b.Outdoors or in direct sunlight in case of fading the machine casing.
c.Near heat sources (such as heaters),other heat will discolor or deform the machine casing.
d.Smoke and ventilation in kitchen operation will shorten the filter life and damage the machine.
e.A place full of oil, such as engine oil in case of machine damage, electric shock or burning.
f. Within 2 meters away from equipment that emits weak electromagnetic waves, such as TV, radio, audio, quartz clock, wired antenna, cordless telephone, wireless microphone, etc in case of receiving noise. EMI may affect image quality and sound effect.(However, due to the different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves, sometimes electromagnetic interference may occur even if the air purifier is placed more than 2 meters away. When using an indoor antenna, it will particularly hinder reception, so please place the machine as far as possible place in case of receiving noise).
5.The machine is best placed on the floor and at a distance of more than 30cm from the wall for the best purification effect. Change the position frequently, otherwise it may stain the wall or floor around the machine
6.The input voltage should not exceed the rated value in case of machine damage or fire.
7.Do not damage the power cord. Do not install objects on the power cord. Do not bend, drag or twist the power cord.Do not stack heavy objects on the power cord, or sandwich the power cord between objects.The power cord damage may cause fire and electric shock.
8.Do not use damaged power cords and unusable power plugs in case of short circuit, electric shock or fire.
9.Do not operate the machine with wet hands. Do not put fingers or something into the air outlet to avoid the risk of electric shock and damage.
10.Do not put any water containers, such as fish tanks or vases, near the machine in case of water enters the machine to cause electric shock or malfunction.
11.Do not push the air purifier quickly to avoid it fall over.
12.Do not use the machine with the machine lying or tilted. Do not sit or stand on the machine, do not shake the machine in case of personal injury and product damage.
13.Do not block the air inlet and outlet in case of reducing the machine clean efficiency and causing machine damage.
14.Do not use the machine to remove some toxic substances.
15.For safety reasons,please do not use in places with large amount of smoke and dust (such as kitchen) or combustible gas, corrosive gas and metal dust particles.otherwise it may cause product damage or fire
16.Pay attention when using with humidifier, to prevent excessive water vapor enter into the machine. The water vapor may cause electric shock and damage the machine.
17.When using pesticides, please stop using the machine to prevent chemical substances from being sucked into the machine for personal health.
18.Please turn off the power and unplug the power plug before changing the filter, cleaning or moving the machine in case of machine damage or electric shock.
19.Do not use solvents such as benzene, alcohol or thinner to clean the air purifier. Also, avoid the spray insecticides in case of the machine shell to rupture or even short circuit, electric shock or fire.
20.Please unplug the power cord if the machine is to be idled.
21.Do not drag the power cord by hand. Please unplug the power cord hold by hand in case of cord damage.
22.If the power cord is damaged, please ask for professional help of the manufacturer and other professionals for safety reasons.

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