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JIMMY Anti-mite UV Vacuum Cleaner WB41

Fast Eliminates 99.99% House Dust Mites and Other Allergens

E-power brush composite spiral roller brush

22cm cleaning width

Dual cyclone, high efficiency filtration

British MIF micro filter, less clogging

Noise reduction technology, 65dB working noise

High precision motor, strong suction

253.7nm UV-C

Auto UV-C lamp power off when 5cm off bed


Professional UV-C Lamp

UV-C light eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and virus, and paralyzes dust mites and slow down their ability to multiply.


Dual Cyclone Filtration

Inserted with patented dual cyclone filtration - new filter technology by Kingclean, avoiding releasing the harmful bacteria and pathogens to the air again.


Patented Compositive Roller Brush

Tapping the surface with strong vibrations to lift mites off. The brushroll is specifically designed for vacuuming on the mattresses, beds, sofas, upholstery and other similar surfaces without any harm.


Shocking Fact

Dust mite and dust mite allergen one of the main indoor allergens source which can cause dermatitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis, etc,.


Efficient dual-motor, generates stronger power

Designed by Jimmy, the high precision motor plus unique noise reduction technology, machine working sound is more soft.


Dual cyclone filtration system, constant and powerful

Patented dual cyclone filter technology by KingClean, separate dust mite and dust from the air, less clogging on dust cup, machine suction is more constant.


Upgraded 3rd generation 35mm big diameter composite spiral roller brush

Spiral tapping, Stronger strength
The 35mm large-diameter electric composite spiral roller brush , strongly taps bed 12000 times/min

New Combination, Strong power

Composition Roller Brush, Efficient and Friendly


Bigger roller brush, more power

Certificate by Allergy UK for reduction of dust mite, dust mite allergen and bacteria.


UV Lamp

Effectively kills dust mite and bacteria.



0.4L large capacity dust cup, cleaning efficiency is visible

Visible dust cup, the storage capacity is larger


Easy to disassemble and to wash dust cup

MIF and dust cup with high filtration efficiency can be washed, and can be reused after drying.


Product Parameter
  • Product Name: JIMMY Anti-mite UV Vacuum Cleaner WB41
  • Rated Power: 400W
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • UV Lamp Power: 6W
  • Roller Brush Type: Soft rubber strip & antistatic fiber compositive roller brush
  • Filter: MIF
  • Way of Filtration: Dual-cyclonic
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.4L
  • Power Cord Length: 5m
  • Working Noise:≤75dB
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